Training – New Membership Blueprint

​Ne​il Stafford Presents…

“How to start and launch your very own SALES producing membership site in 48 hours or less Even if you're a novice or brand new to online marketing”

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Some of the secrets you'll discover during the training:

  • ​How to go from Zero up to $500, $1,000 and $10,000 per month in 45 to 90 days even if you're brand new *
  • ​How to become a leading authority in your niche even if nobody has heard of you before
  • ​Where to get content, that you don't have to produce yourself, to launch a $97+ per month membership site FAST
  • Examples of LIVE Membership sites and how they became successful to give you ideas & inspiration
  • ​The top 3 traffic strategies Neil uses for ALL of his membership sites
  • ​How to take advantage of a strategy that can supercharge your monthly profits WITHOUT adding any new members...*
  • Plus a lot more including... ​How to start and launch your very own sales producing membership site in 48 hours or less Even if you're a novice or brand new to online marketing

Reserve Your Seat and I'll Send You This Brand New PDF

"27 Profitable Membership Niche Markets
You Can Tap In​to For Sales Today"

Neil has agreed to reveal some of his own membership sites AND several of his successful clients sites (with their permission) as this will give you inspiration AND ideas to use in your business.

​​You'll be amazed at the differ​ent topics of sites that some people are making a LOT of money online. Some making a few thousand a month and others making TENS of THOUSANDS per month.*

WARNING: Space is limited, and these training's fill up fast because we provide the value other systems fail to deliver… even though they are free. (Availability dependent on volume)

Neil launched his first membership site back in 2003 and has helped people just like you start, launch and PROFIT from membership sites even if you have no experience at first! Register your place today and you'll see how you too can enjoy the feeling of monthly automatic income coming into your bank account EVERY SINGLE MONTH...

​When you register your place on this unique training webinar we'll email you your link to join us. We'll also use this email to send you reminders about the webinar including pre and post webinar training updates. These updates will contain links to additional resources both free and paid. You can UNSUBSCRIBE at anytime. After 20 years in business online we have always respected our customers and clients privacy and never share your details. All information is kept under strict data protection laws and GDPR Data Privacy Standards

* Disclaimer - Please do not assume results shared are typical, these are my results and those of my clients that have worked hard to get them. Any earnings shared, or potential discussed is not a guarantee of return of investment. Results vary.